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Gone in a Flash!

Click! That’s the sound of a buyer moving on to the next listing. Why? Because the photos did not represent the home well enough. All it took was 1 second and the opportunity to capture the buyer’s attention is gone…. in a flash!

Most buyers start out looking for homes online. The listing photograph is the first thing they’ll see when searching for a property. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of properties to scroll through. People want to see 5 or 6 houses, not a hundred. So, any excuse you give them to scroll to the next home, they’ll take. Buyers make a split-second decision whether to click on a property or move on to the next one based on the photos. In the blink of an eye a sale can slip right through your fingertips because you wanted to save a few bucks and take your own photographs. How bad could it be, right?

Real Estate photos mean more today than they ever before. They have to quickly and clearly show the appealing qualities of the home. They have to stand out (in a good way)… they have to engage the buyer… catch their interest and make them want to see more… if they don’t… Bye bye, buyer!

What makes a great photo? One that will stop a buyer in their tracks. The photos should be well exposed… well lit… well composed, color corrected and edited to perfection. Don’t underestimate the value of a great photo. It will attract buyers to your home and get them to come out to see it in person. A bad photo will do just the opposite.

You have 2 choices. Invest thousands of dollars in cameras, lenses and editing software and spend hundreds of hours learning how to use them all. Or for as little as $100, call Tom Biondi Real Estate Photography.

Homes that are professionally photographed get 2-3 times more views… they sell faster… and for more money than homes that are not. It’s a “no-brainer.” Call us today!


*** Tom Biondi is a Professional Real Estate Photographer located in Toms River, NJ.  He services Ocean & Monmouth Counties and regularly speaks to Real Estate Professionals about the benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography.

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