(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I schedule a Photo Shoot?
Right here online!  You can request a day too.  Click Here!

What is a “Zillow Video Walkthrough?
A ZVW is a simple HD video specifically for use on Zillow that will raise you to the top of their search results. Listings with ZVW’s are getting 2-3 times more views than those without. We are Zillow Certified and will upload the video to Zillow for you!

Do you offer Aerial Photography?
Yes!  We offer Photos taken from a Plane, Drone, or AstroZoom. (see sample here)

What is a Virtual Tour?
A Virtual Tour is a slideshow of photos set to music.  It gives the viewer a “video-like” tour of the property.  Buyers LIKE photos… they LOVE watching videos. A video draws the viewer in and helps them picture themselves living there.  They relax and enjoy the images without having to click through to the next one. Our Virtual Tours are in HD and play full screen for a better viewing experience than MLS photos. Get one with an AstroZoom for an amazing Tour! (see sample here)

What are your Prices?  Click Here!

Do you help “Stage” and “De-clutter” the property as well as photograph it?
Sorry, no.  I schedule multiple Photo Shoots per day and will not have time to stage or de-clutter a home or wait while someone else moves items from one room to another.  Please make sure the Homeowner has our Checklist BEFORE the day of the shoot and the property is ready to be photographed when we arrive. See checklist here.

Can you “Photoshop” that out?
Can you Photoshop the basketball hoop out of the driveway?… fix the cracks in the wall?… remove the treadmill from the Master Bedroom?…  I know it’s not what you want to hear but these are things that should be taken care of BEFORE the Photo Shoot. I do typical editing such as exposure and color correcting.  I can not Photoshop the fire hydrant out from in front of the house or fix cracks in the wall. It’s a liability issue.

What can I do to make my home look better?
The best thing you can do is follow the Homeowners Checklist.

Can you Virtually Stage a home?
Yes!  Virtual Staging is for vacant or minimally furnished homes that need that “lived in” look and feel.  Instead of a cold empty room, we can edit-in a full room of furniture during the post-production process.  If your home is vacant, you may want to think about Virtual Staging. Why spend thousands on actual staging when we can virtually stage your home for a fraction of the cost! (See samples here)

Can I Cancel a Photo Shoot?
I understand that plans can change! However, I respectfully ask that you call by 7pm the night before the shoot to cancel. If there is a cancellation on the day of a shoot, a fee of $50 will be assessed. If I arrive at the property to find the shoot is canceled (including denied access to the property), 50% of the quoted shoot amount will be assessed.

What do we do if the weather conditions aren’t perfect?
Photo shoots will continue as scheduled as long as it is not physically raining or snowing. If it is, we can reschedule. There are no rescheduling fees for inclement weather.

What is your “Turn-around” time?
99% of the time — Same day.  Always by the following day.

Do you charge travel fees?
My posted prices are for properties located within 30 minutes from The North Toms River, NJ area.  Travel charges will apply to properties located over 30 minutes away. I will always let you know of any travel charges before the shoot so you can decide whether to proceed or not.

Who owns the rights to the Photos & Videos you take?
Tom Biondi owns the rights to all Images.  Photos are being licensed to the purchaser only and shall not be given to any 3rd party without the written consent of Tom Biondi.  This includes but is not limited to The Homeowner, Builder, Architect, Stager, Realtor, or any Advertiser.

Do I really need Professional Photos?
The most powerful tool you have when marketing a home is the photos. No matter how fabulous the home is, it won’t sell if no one is coming to see it.  EVERYONE goes online first before coming out to see a home and good listing photos get people to the home. Today’s technologically savvy clients not only appreciate nice photos, they expect them. Buyers will compare one house to another by its photos. If it looks good online, buyers will come. Professionally Photographed homes sell faster and for more money compared to homes that are not.

Can you come to our office and speak to our Realtors?
Sure!  I regularly speak at Realtor offices explaining the benefits of Professional Real Estate Photography.  I also give Tips & Tricks to those Realtors who take their own photos. I’m confident you will find it very informative!

Tom Biondi Photography
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