Homeowners Checklist

Both the interior and exterior of the property will be photographed. The shoot will go a lot smoother and the photos will look a lot nicer if the home is prepped ahead of time. There should be no moving of items once the Photographer arrives or there will be an additional charge.

(  ) Turn ON all lights and table lamps. Replace burned out bulbs and straighten lamp shades.
(  ) Turn OFF all TV’s, Computers and Ceiling Fans.
(  ) OPEN blinds and window treatments to let in outside light.
(  ) Remove throw-rugs and runners to reveal flooring.
(  ) Clean Up & De-clutter. Conceal exposed cables and remotes.
(  ) Remove child gates and walls of family photos.
(  ) Hide Trash Cans, Hampers & Laundry Baskets from view.
(  ) Make all beds. Remove items from bedside tables and dressers.
(  ) Clear Kitchen counter-tops of all clutter. Remove ALL items from the refrigerator.
(  ) Set dining room table and add a colorful centerpiece. Remove child seats/booster chairs.
(  ) Remove all signs of pets (toys, beds, scratching poles, gates, bowls).
(  ) We only photograph the Laundry Room, Pantry or Garage if they are extra-ordinary. Feel free to hide or store items here.
(  ) Clean Bathroom mirrors. Clear items from counter-tops and tub. Close toilet seats. Remove toilet brushes.

(  ) Remove all vehicles from the front of the property and driveway.
(  ) Hide all garbage cans. Tidy up the yard. Close garage doors.
(  ) Remove the “For Sale” sign (MLS regulation).


Copyrights to all Photos and Videos belong to Tom Biondi. Use of his Photos and Videos are for the purchaser only and should not be given to any 3rd party without the written consent of Tom Biondi. This includes but is not limited to Builder, Architect, Stager, Realtor, Homeowner or any Advertiser.

I understand how dynamic the real estate industry is. However, I respectfully ask that you contact us by 7pm the night before the Photo Shoot to cancel. If there is a cancellation the day of a shoot, a fee of $50 will be assessed. If we arrive at the property to find the shoot is canceled (including denied access to the property), 50% of the quoted shoot amount will be assessed.

Shoots will continue as scheduled as long as it is not raining or snowing. There is NO rescheduling fee for inclement weather.

1.5% interest per month will be added to any unpaid invoices.

Tom Biondi Photography
(o) 732-255-4912 | (c) 732-895-2982

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